Would you like to strengthen yourself as a leader and raise your team’s performance? 

Are you an executive or striving to become one soon? Do you want to learn how to lead your team to the maximum output and how to meet your business objectives sustainably? Would you like to reflect on your own performance as a leader and strive to enable your people to do a great job?


  • Diving into Leadership: what makes a great leader?
  • Leading by objectives and managing performance
  • Feedback as engine for personal and organizational growth 
  • Building and leading strong teams | Currently with the focus on: leading from a distance / remote leadership
  • Negotiation training for leaders 
  • Your role as a developer of your organization – the leader as coach
  • Change management – leading through change
  • Effective leadership in rough times 
  • Successfully leading leaders

    Also, I train how to lead effective dialogues, communication as a key for success and how to resolve conflicts.

    You will benefit from my many years of leadership experience in various companies, structures and cultures. My goal is to deliver a real added value. Therefore my focus is your day-to-day business and the transferring of tools and methods we discuss into practise. Using real cases from your everyday life is proven to be excellent and effective. Your precious time will be worth it. It is best to tailor the content to your needs and goals. Give me a call and I will tailor a concept for your needs. 

    As participant in many trainings I always found it crucial that the trainer has many years of operational business experience. My training focus  therefore is leadership.

    It is a great pleasure for me to be working on this valuable topic together with you.