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Katja Stuber - Blended Learning Trainerin

The BDTV e.V. is the professional association for training, consulting and coaching. I joined the BDTV to exchange ideas with other trainers, to bring myself up to date and to ensure my quality.

Katja Stuber - Blended Learning Trainerin

CoachDb is a coaching database from the RAUEN Group, experts in business coaching. Here you will find coaches who work with absolute professionalism and high quality standards. You can find my profile on this database, which I use to draw attention to my coaching services.

Haufe Akademie

The Haufe Academy is a leading provider of professional development and further education. I’ve been listed here as a trainer and coach since 2017. Since then I’ve been delivering regular trainings in the open program and also habe been working closely with their consultants on the inhouse business.

Katja Stuber - Blended Learning Trainerin

In 2019 I got certified as a blended learning trainer at the Blended Learning Academy in Hamburg. Since 2020 I have been delivering my blended learning competence and great desire for interactive live online trainings to the market. A regular exchange with their network is also great to keep me up to speedd with the newest technologies. E.g. virtual reality

The Führungskräfteschmiede “leadership forge” offers executives from SMEs a young talent program in the form of a workshop series. I have been a trainer with them since 2016 and have been delivering classroom as well as live online workshops.

DisG Profil

I have been a certified DISG® trainer & coach and part of the network since 2016. The use of the Everything DiSC® profile supports people with getting to know themselves better and being able to communicate and work better with other personality typologies. More information please see page Tools.

Profiles International

In January 2022 I got certified for the 360° CheckPoint leadership feedback. Since I myself as a leader have benefited greatly from the all-round feedback, it is important to me that I can offer this professionally in my role as trainer and coach in order to support leaders with their continuous improvement.