Strengthen yourself through professional Business Coaching!

Business Coaching is the right approach for you as an executive when you would like to reflect on your role as a leader or when you face complex situations.

I assist you with:

  • Leadership Role and Competence
  • Visibility and Public Image
  • Communication with your Team 
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Steering your Stakeholders 
  • Conducting Change
  • Decision-making 

How does it work? Based on your own resources, your individual strengths, your needs and your values ​​we will analyze your situation holistically and transform it into a realistic objective with a corresponding action plan. As your Business Coach I am your sparring partner and will lead you through this process equipped with a tool box and a set of powerful questions. You will develop your own solutions and steps to take and execute. 

The DISC-Profile is a supporting analysis tool that provides very good insights into behavioural styles and preferences. It helps us to understand our own behaviour as well as the behaviour of others. From there we can flex our style and collaboration typically improves. I find this tool to be very effective and love working with my own profile. The transparency regarding the self image and public image and measures derived from it are simply great. 

Coaching can also be applied for groups and teams. Group and team coaching usually takes place over a longer period of time, in which the team is accompanied, formed and strengthened by the coach. Especially in times of constant change a team needs to be flexible, agile and strong having an agreed code of conduct.

I would love to support you with your topics and accompany you to achieve your goals.

When I first learned about Business Coaching I was quite suprised how effective it is. Fantastic! The targets met and the results achieved will be long-lasting because they have been developed by the client.  This naturally lead to a higher level of motivation and outstanding results.