Do you want to strengthen your leadership skills? Do you want to strengthen your organization by training your executive managers?

Are you an executive or striving to become one soon? Do you want to learn how to lead your team to the maximum output and how to meet your business and team objectives sustainably? Would you like to reflect on your own performance as a manager and teamleader?

 I train you in:


  • Question: How do I lead effectively rather than “just being the boss”?
  • Result: I am a strong leader and I achieve the strategic and operational business objectives sustainably.


  • Question: I am the team leader – but where is my team?
  • Result: I have a highly motivated team that delivers excellent performance and is dynamic and innovative.


  • Question: How can the process of goal setting effectively serve its purpose?
  • Result: When actively pursued and executed setting goals will lead to a higher performance of my team and therefore is an extremely powerful tool.


  • Question: How do I use the power of communication and the effective instrument of employee interviews?
  • Result: Through the targeted use of employee interviews, I am able to steer my team and every individual to stay on track.

You will benefit from my extensive managerial experience with various companies, structures and cultures. My goal is to inspire you to take more time for leadership questions and create a tangible added value for your team, your company and yourself!

I will be happy to adapt all trainings to your organization’s needs and create an in-house seminar. We can use both languages, German and English, as you like. Please let me know what I can do for you. Contact me for a preliminary talk. I am eager to hear from you!

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